By an Artist, For Artists


The mission of Iristotle is to give artists a technically sound and easy to maintain web platform to present their portfolios and resumes, and connect with each other and their audiences to create community. Iristotle will make it easier to search for and find artists by specialty, location and other specific characteristics.


The Iristotle story began when I was looking to shift my career from Software Architecture to something more artistic, specifically filmmaking. I was curious about whether I could make an offering beneficial to that industry as I joined it. One evening, I sat down to write a business plan for a TV series I would like to produce. Somehow, instead of writing about the TV show, the idea for Iristotle was born. Iristotle is my offering, not just to the film industry, but to all artists. Iristotle will empower artists to control the presentation of their work and easily connect with each other, venues, and their audience.


I wanted to name the platform Iris after the Greek goddess of communication. Of course, that name was already taken. A brainstorm session with a close friend yielded the name Iristotle, the combination of Iris and the Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle.

Who Am I?

My name is Jan Jones. I am a Software Architect, an artist, and the founder of Iristotle. Primarily, I have worked as a Software Architect in the financial industry in NYC.